Art & Life
(and other randomness)

Life is a big subject, and I certainly don't pretend to cover it all here, but maybe reading this collection of random thoughts and interests of mine will give you a glimpse into who I am.

A little [more] about me...

Everyone has favorite foods, and anyone who knows me can tell you that mine are clearly martinis, sushi (this link was one of the first sushi-related pages I saw on the Web, and it's still there!), and really spicy food.

As far as music goes, jazz has to be my favorite, and I gravitate toward the improvisational - especially piano and trumpet artists. I'm also into progressive rock and dancing at Manray in Cambridge, MA.

Check out one of the best New Years I've had. If it looks like we were having fun, well, we were! On the partying note, Hanging out with my friends after skiing has been one of my all-time favorite ways to have fun.

Hey, if you're like into the Zodiac, man, I'm a Scorpio. Here is my astrological chart and interpretation for your amusement! As for Myers-Briggs personality types, my type has shifted over the years. I seemed to be an ENFP years ago, but I think I'm more of an ENTP now - could be slight differences in the tests I took, though! Want to figure out what you are?

Does life imitate art?

Hey, I guess one of the great things about the Web is that even non-artists can show what they've done. So I am putting some stuff here for your perusal. Don't expect greatness, but hey, you didn't have to pay admission, right? Stay tuned for more stuff in the future, including photography, etc.!

And now for something completely different...

What kind of beer do you like, kid? Ever had Rockford Red Ale?