Joe's New Year 1996 Page

Black Tie? Who's suggestion was that? This New Years was definitely a blast! We did dinner at the Cottonwood Cafe in Cambridge, then headed over to the Charles Hotel for the festivities. There was basically one somewhat lame band and one pretty cool swing band. Well, the pics tell the story...
At the Cottenwood Cafe: Jim, Pam, Andy, Olaf, Chris, Joanne, Joe, and Heather. Oh, and Civie's white sleeve on the left and Rob's black sleeve on the right. There's no trace of Joan's clothing here at all...

"Hey look, a camera!"

Yeah, we be cool!

I hear that Chris Civie bought his tux at Building 19. Way cool, but everyone had to re-adjust their camera exposures. Here Civie is giving us a lesson on how to offend Joan. It worked.

Hey Rob, is it true that Heather had grill marks on her face for a week from the flash?

"Hey, I have Olaf's wallet. Let's see what he's got in here - wow, it's a Probe card and a Yamabuki #2!"
"Maybe you were right: there would have been more babes at the Wobbly."

"Be peaceful, my children of the night."

Everyone wanted to hold a piece of mail I guess. What better to do in my lobby? Unfortunately, we did not have time for a toast at my place now. It would have to wait until later...

That's Lew, Dave, and Jim, with whom we met up at the Charles Hotel. I think they opened an auto parts store in the 70s.

What's that pink stuff?

Civie and I were spending a great deal of time trying to capture the essense of Rox.
"Hey dudes, she just gave me her number! This place is better than the Wobbly!"

"Don't worry, we won't 'memmer this part tomorrow!"

"Doh! I can't believe she grabbed the hat right off that guy's head!"
"Oh, come on Andy, he was asleep anyway!"

...back at Joe's...

"Hey Big Boy, the tux is great, but take the Building 19 tags off!"

"Whoa Huge Boy, check it out: Olaf's still awake!"

But alas, he didn't last long...