Joe's Skiing Page

Yes, this is my skiing page, but as you can see, there is no snow in these pictures, and the people look quite warm. Well, you see, skiing is much more than being on a cold mountain with nature's wonder sprawled out before you and a couple of boards strapped to your feet. It also involves tequila, hot tubs, saunas, roaring fires, good food, and great friends. The following pics were taken in December of 1995...
If you've been to Killington, you know the Wobbly Barn!!
Relaxing in good old J7...

Pam, where's your Teddy Bear?

Chris Civie was a little hungry, so he ate his fist. Lotte, on the other hand, couldn't wait for THE GAME to begin!

There were a few philosophical discussions, and I think we may have caught one on film. Chris, Jim, Shawn, and Pam were our resident think-tank.