Joe's Poetry

Sleek and silent
A whispy and delicate essence
That takes shape without effort
And becomes all that embodies
What is feminine

Voices in the distance slowly silencing
Clouds parting and taking the rain with them
Warmth growing from within and without

Water soothing thoughts of chill
Skin without cover taking in the moment
Overwhelmed by the perfection

Touched only by each other
Sensation beyond comprehension
This place is the world for now

The darkness is upon us
The last light is gone
Lava glow is luminous
No sunlight until dawn

Each glance builds the passion
A simple touch sustains us
Under control for now
It will wait

Time to let go
Let it take us away
Passion's script evolving before us
Willing captives in its grip

Where is the line between us?
It is melting away
Passion does not divide us
It makes us one

As if supported from below
The majesty creeps downward
Forever in freefall
To meet its pedestal

Transported to the brink
Past lavish wooded banks
Where water meets air
And is released to the wind

How brief the solitude
Where once there was no break
Destined to rejoin the flow
Within a tumultuous mist

Bold fragile beauty
Ancient natural danger
Surviving through time
But destroyed by fear

"Mere Points of Light"

A sparkle from the right
Edge of my vision
My gaze darts to it
It is steady, moving
The sharp light cuts the night
Brighter than any star or planet
Tracking, no cruising, the sky!

I cannot see them
The people
But they are there
Inside that point of light
Looking down at a globe
That thought alone is vast
And the speed, intense

The glimmer falters
They pass into shadow
A sunset for them
For me, the steady night
They are gone to me
The connection is lost

Deja vu, but no
For this one is dimmer
Another ship
In hot pursuit
It looks different
Even from here
I can almost feel them up there

We hiked the Canyon
The last time I was there
Down and up in one day
I suppose it made me respect
It even more
The feeling of exhaustion was starting
To creep into our minds and bodies
When we reached the bottom
We tried to shove out the
Thought of the climb to come

The quick dip
In one of the Colorado's
Tributaries seemed like
Token refreshment
This small branch of the
Great river
Having carved its own
Awesome canyon within

You see
There is a vital difference
Between climbing
Into a canyon and
Climbing a mountain
They are mirror images of each other
You always know the
Climb back up
Will be harder
That is an ominous thought

But we made it
Switchback after switchback
We saw rim within rim
Always thinking
Or maybe hoping
That the rim we could see was the top
But we really knew
Deep down
That it wasn't
It couldn't be

Dusk was approaching
As we gazed upon
The last rim
Bats flew overhead
We both knew we could make it but
Feared we may not be able to muster up
That last bit of strength
To go just one more switchback

Reaching he top seemed
Almost anticlimactic
The experience was one of
Loss of perspective
Being in the canyon is a little like
Being a rat in a maze
You lose the whole picture
But you do feel a part of it
It seems more real

Light as air
You dance upon my psyche
With tentative grace
Releasing feelings into me

Full of life
You glow from inside
Radiant beyond compare
Enveloping me with your warmth

Modestly natural
Your herbal hair brushes me
With scent of earthy spice
Numbing me with deep serenity

Unimaginably sensual
You ignite my passion
Like a rising storm
Absorbing my fire with yours

Mysteriously woeful
I want to delve deeper
Inside what you are
Drawing your realness closer

Painfully relaxed
I lie on the edge of a blade
In willful anguish
Because you are there too

Quietly tormented
You drop your eyes away
So dark and deep
Protecting your soul from my gaze

Unwillingly torn
You fear the flame
Which can never burn you
Drifting away to cooler waters

Etherial as a cloud
You tremble with uncertainty
Hardly there at all
Falling through my outstretched fingers

The day hits like a wall of cotton
Soaked in warm brine
I push through the streets
Kept unclean by the blistering heat

The door revolves around me
As I anticipate the flash of cold
And hold my breath to meet the change
Both painful and delicious

Night falls bringing only darkness
A dark heat with the frigid flow of
Cool washing over legs as we pass
The beckoning doorways on Bourbon Street

Beers and Hurricanes to go
Blues echoing from gritty rooms
Burlesque salesmen touting their jewels
And uninhibited stumbling souls

As the Bayou recedes into intricate
Tendrils of life teaming soup
The heat becomes a permanent memory
And the voodoo charm makes me promise to return

Chomping on coffee beans
In a well-lit room
With Posters of lightning bolts
As they prepare your tomb

Is nothing like Jae's
Where the gin is Bombay
And the Sushi is scrumptious
After a long day

I sit and glaze over as
The words dribble out
Empty and stale
Stinking of deception and
Money Hungry, Coin Operated

It's the end of the Quarter
And the withdrawl is ugly
All that matters are the Numbers
Begging and stealing they
Suck the vein dry on that
Last hapless hopeful client

I hide in technology
Trying to find my blinders
I hear the gleam in their Eyes
It sickens and excites
It depresses and uplifts

Just a typical day, yes
But it starts so innocent
Cool breeze wafting through
The Jeep's vinyl flapping

The highway is straight
A direct line to the fire
But the cup of Joe calms
I settle in

Time is sucking away
So hard to meet minds
In a 3000 mile triangle
Status demanded but unfulfilling

Serious man breaths
Down my neck as I scramble
To make the machine sing
It laughs at me

But there's the sunset
Growing my world
Washing time behind it
I dive in