The Elixir of Life

A martini demands a particular glass
No simple vessel is up to the task
The walls of the receptacle must be thin
As if the air around were supporting the gin

The garnish should be olives - three or four
Or I suggest you show the bartender the door
No need for a toothpick to skewer the flesh
but indeed, those olives had better be fresh

Vermouth is a good thing - don't skimp on it here
Some wet the glass and then let it drip clear
But don't overdo it with that precious wine
Just a quick spash will make it sublime

Most important of all is the chill of that glass
And the cold in that mixture so the cool taste will last
Shaken or stirred? Who cares in the end?
What you raise to your lips is a mighty fine blend!

- poetry for Pub Nite on November 15, 2001, by Joe Peterson

Please join Jill and me on our quest for truth and the perfect martini!

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