Joe's Wobbly Page

Our trip to the Wobbly Barn on February 3rd, 1996 was truly memorable. Come with us on this Wobbly night as we discover what it means to be truly Wobbly!

We finally did it! We actually went to the Wobbly Barn! You see, the Wobbly Barn is not just an old building that sounds like it should be condemned. It's a wild-and-crazy nightclub at Killington that's filled with lots of yee-haw people. It's a favorite hangout for the ski crowd, especially Olaf. We started our journey outside the door of unit J7. We were ready! Mr. Civie was kind enough to drive us to the Barn. We all had fun while motoring way on down there. We were so excited to go to the Wobbly we just couldn't contain ourselves. Well, actually we managed somehow. The nice parking attendant let us park in a good spot, but he was definitely a little frayed by the tons of young dudes giving him a hard time. We danced to a band called "Toad House," and drank our Wobbly drinks. The lead singer loved Joanne, and sung a few songs just for her. This guy's favorite question for the crowd was, "So, do you wanna sing or do you wanna move?" I guess that determined whether the next song was by U2 or The Doors. It's worth mentioning that there is absolutely no moshing on the dance floor! The Wobbly Barn had a nice old-fashioned wooden sign made to make sure we understood this rule. Anyway, sad but true, but it was finally time to go. We had to get a picture of Olaf with Joan-babe and Joanne-babe. We made it back to J7 with the much appreciated help of Mr. Civie. It was good to be home, but our slumber would be filled with dreams of the Wobbly Barn. Oh, and there was a theme: It was "Ground Hog Weekend," and Joan posed with the flyer to prove it. It was definitely worth the trip. I've never had such a Wobbly time in a Wobbly Barn with Wobbly drinks and a Wobbly band. Wobbly!