Pub Nite Lives at Jae's Cafe!

Pub Nite: more than a time or a place...a feeling. Many years ago a tradition was begun. It started as a small group of friends determined to break up the work week with a sense of fun and togetherness. Soon, folks representing all kinds of interests gathered every Thursday at a relatively new bar (then) in Cambridge, Massachusetts called Jae's Cafe. Food there is eclectic Asian, including awesome sushi and some great Korean dishes. The drink of choice, well for some, remains the Bombay Martini. Join us now for some fond memories and images of Pub Nites past...

The following are from Tuesday (yeah, I know...), December 21, 1999.

Upon arriving at Jae's, I was pleased to see that our favorite hostess and bartender (if we weren't missing Mary and Megan, it would have been "bartenders") were there! Kathleen and Andy posed for this *special* shot behind the Great, Granite Bar.

Relative newcomers to Pub Nite, Rob, Tracy, and Larry showed early to get things going. Larry successfully sold the bartender his AVS stock.

Affectionately known as "Papa Smurf," Josh seems astonished at Jim's description of how he will soon light his mouth on fire, while Ed Looks on.

Here I am with Peggy, Warren, and Allison. We had to tell Allison to stop eating that plant with the red leaves. They're poisonous.

Here Josh and Ed play a quick game of Rabbit Meets Mr. Thumb.

Another fine looking group: Josh, Pub-regular Martha, Warren, Jim, Allison, and Dave. This was before Jim burned his mouth with Sambuca.

A beer.

Dave and Martha savor the corner spot while discussing the full volume of historical knowledge that exists on the peculiarities of the Earth's crust in Togo, Africa.

Just before videoing his beer, John turns the camera on me. Later some guy passed us on the way to the rest room, and John convinced him he was being broadcast live on the Internet. What a dope!

I think Joan's upper right fillings may need replacing; what do you think?

During a brief interruption while finishing his beer, John exclaims, "Hey, I think those fish are doing it!"

Martha sits in resignation of tonight's imminent end, but she also basks in the satisfaction of having been a part of yet another splendid PUB NITE!