Martini Memoirs

Jill Gray and I set out on the night of Tuesday, February 7th, 1995, armed only with a micro tape recorder and open minds. The following are the gems of the evening, live, as they happened. We started at a place called "The DeLux," but promptly embarked on our search for the perfect martini. Since the Jae's Cafe in Boston's South End did not have martinis, we had to look further. Our journey ended at an Italian place called "Anchovie's." Come join us on our quest for truth, and experience the deep thoughts as they developed...

Who's Tony Bennett? (44K)

What does it take to be Tony Bennett? (70K)

Zen and the Art of Banter (32K)

How would you describe sushi? (33K)

What was I talking about? Oh yeah... (45K)

Lava ponderings (51K)

Gray's anatomy (49K)

Should a place be true to its name? (102K)

Secret desires (106K)

The meaning of life at last! (51K)

Is there a quintessential skyscraper? (155K)

I wish Newton were here... (59K)

Alternate garnishes (82K)

Getting soulful... (37K)

Standing at the edge of the mind... (45K)

Raise your glass! (12K)

Is there a draft in here? (23K)

Some deep thoughts... (116K)

Your eyes can deceive you! (119K)

Can you define that? (25K)

Can an idea have a life of its own? (115K)

Do olives have consciousness? (121K)

OKness (102K)

What have we learned tonight? (458K)