Trip to Cornell - May 23-25, 2005

Being in the space science business, I work with several people from Ithaca, NY and at Cornell in particular. This is pretty cool because I attended Cornell as an undergraduate student from 1983-1987, and any chance to visit the place is a fun walk down memory lane. I have only been back to Cornell twice: once for homecoming in 1988 and once during Joanne and my honeymoon trip around the US in 1998. And in May of 2005, I finally got the chance to travel to Ithaca to meet with a consultant on my project, and I was lucky enough to be able to stay with one of Joanne's old friends, Laurie, who lives in Ithaca. I also had some free time to roam around campus and visit those great old bars of Collegetown, and I've tried to capture here some of my thoughts and feelings on how things have changed - and in some cases not changed at all!